Irish rock gods Bono and the Edge unveiled the first song from their forthcoming Spider-Man musical on Friday.

Reeve Carney, the actor cast as Spider-Man in their new musical, performed the song Boy Falls from the Sky, sounding unexpectedly Bono-like.

Although Boy Falls from the Sky evokes classic U2, Bono promised variety in other songs featured in the musical. 'It swerves all over the road,' he said.

'You have got the big rock'n'roll tunes, melodrama, big melodies, but there's orchestral stuff too.' Bono added that he was inspired by Spider-Man's quintessential New York story and the idea that everyone is capable of being a hero.'

Director Julie Taymor agrees, saying Bono made the songs personal. 'The lyrics are so moving and deep because they actually have personal meaning to them. We all connect.'