Multi-billionaire business magnate Elon Musk spent the night clubbing at Copper Face Jacks, a popular Dublin nightclub, after meeting with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the Dublin Web Summit earlier that day.

Musk, who has been described by "Iron Man" director Jon Favreau as the inspiration for genius billionaire Tony Stark, is co-founder of PayPal and chief product architect of Tesla Motors. The 42-year-old is also the chief executive of SpaceX, a privately owned spacecraft company. He danced with lots of beautiful Irish ladies the Irish Independent noted.

The Irish Independent reports that Dublin Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrove left drinks with Bono in the Shelbourne to follow Musk to the club along with several Irish start-up entrepreneurs, including Tom Millett, the co-founder of Irish online music video company BalconyTV.

Said Millet, "Elon is a very tall, pleasant guy. I was embarrassingly star-struck when I met him!

"He was talking to a very attractive lady but was very nice to me when I spoke to him," he added. "After he left I heard someone told her 'Do you know who you have just let slip through your fingers'."

Musk, who arrived in Ireland on a private jet before driving in a Tesla sports car to the Web Summit in the Royal Dublin Society, stayed at the venue until after 2am, when he left Copper in a taxi.