Another day, another O'Reilly Factor outrage. This week the pugnacious pundit is giving out about the state of the weekend's Super Bowl commercials, two of which utterly incensed him.

According to Mediaite, the ads that got O’Reilly’s goat were the ad for starring Bar Refaeli and Taco Bell's senior-citizens-on-a-bender spot.

O'Reilly slammed GoDaddy’s ad as being offensive to men and he felt the Taco Bell ad disrespected the elderly. Lashing out during his Talking Points Memo segment, O’Reilly played clips from both ads to outline why they angered him so much.

First O’Reilly said he found the sight of a supermodel making out with a young man who looked like a nerd stereotype 'hard to watch.' He labeled the ad 'purely voyeurism' and 'offensive to men.' The idea that a supermodel could find this young man attractive blew his mind.

But Taco Bell's ad didn't rate any higher in O’Reilly estimation. O'Reilly said he thought it portrayed elderly people as 'clowns, desperate and frivolous.'

It especially bothered him because 'we have a lot of problems with senior citizens in this country.' If we were a country like Japan that has deep cultural respect for elderly people, maybe Taco Bell could get away with an ad like this, he mused.

But as it is, O’Reilly said the ad 'turned my stomach. We need to care for our elderly, not demean them.'

Check out the ads that got O'Reilly's goat below

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