Bill O’Reilly was not too happy with a 2006 Alabama news report that claimed residents of Mobile, Alabama spotted a leprechaun in one of the trees at night.

The report, originally aired in March, 2006, told the story of alleged leprechaun sightings in the community, explaining that the leprechaun came out at night and would vanish is someone shone a light on it.

O’Reilly seemed to take umbrage with the report, which interviewed local residents for their opinion on the alleged sightings.

“A leprechaun is a small little Irish guy who runs around, it  is a mythical deal,” said O’Reilly by way of explanation of the little Irish man on this cable show "the O'Reilly Factor,"  on Wednesday night.

The Fox news anchor, who was joined by Fox colleagues Courtney Friel and Jane Skinner to discuss the story, questioned whether there was malicious intent in the story, and questioned the news station’s decision to run the story.

“It’s all black people, and you could easily say that they are trying to mock these people,” said O’Reilly asking his panelists if they thought there was any malicious intent.

The two ladies countered that the news station played it straight and that one of the reporters and one of the anchors was black.

O’Reilly was not entirely convinced. “Listen, nobody knows anybody’s intent, if I were the news director, I don't thing I would have run that piece. I understand it, I see that you that you could take in good fun, but,” before Friel interrupted him to question whether a sighting of a Martian in his own neighborhood would perturb him so.

The trio then went on to look at another video of an interesting lady in Santa Cruz talking bout growing vegetables at a local town hall meeting.

In classic O’Reilly fashion, after defending a community in Mobile and indirectly defending the plight of Irish leprechauns,  he went to break with this promo for his next story.

“And coming up next we have a story about naked ladies in California, which is always good.”