Oh no, here we go again. American Idol judge Karen Dio Guardia has been quoted as saying that there will be many “Susan Boyle-like moments” on the new season of the show.

When asked by Billboard Magazine what season 9 had in store, DioGuardi stated, "I would say that there were more than a few times this season that someone walked in and sang and I was shocked that they didn't have the appearance to have that voice. It was just kind of a Whoa, where did that come from? Hold up. It's like Susan Boyle.”

No it is not, Karen, and it’s time we stopped this “next Susan Boyle-type” hype that is everywhere these days.

As I have stated before, there is one Susan Boyle and there was one Susan Boyle moment – the night she first appeared on “Britain's Got Talent.” It is not remotely possible to match it, it is not even in the realm of reality that it can be duplicated. Ask 400 million You Tube fans.

It was lightning in a bottle, an historic moment that will go down in television annals.

It will never be matched because the story that unfolded was unique. Yes, there have been hundreds of cheap imitations since but none have endured beyond the following week.

So Karen is being disingenuous when she throws Susan Boyle into the mix. She knows, as does everyone else, that getting Susan Boyle -type ratings is impossible ever again, but that will not stop them trying to conjure up that magical moment.

Alas, there is nothing in the conjurer's hat, only the reality that Susan's moment was a unique moment in time. In the end you can't fake sincerity – when will the media moguls ever learn that?

Susan Boyle cannot be replicated.