"Barbie" star Margot Robbie explained the concept of an Irish lock-in to her co-star Ryan Gosling while promoting the eagerly anticipated movie. 

Speaking to Dublin radio station Q102, Robbie recalled having a "very fun Wednesday night in Dublin" a number of years ago, explaining that she stayed in a hostel and "ended up doing a lock-in". 

Gosling was confused by the term and asked his co-star to explain. 

"You've never done a lock-in at a pub here?" Robbie asked. "If you stay late enough, they just shut the doors and then you don't have to go home. You can stay and keep drinking even past the time when it's meant to shut.

"Even the police were in there with us during the lock-in. It was so fun." 

An impressed-looking Gosling simply replied "Wow" to his co-star's explanation. 


Imagine being out for a few pints and you end up at a lock-in with Margot Robbie 🍻🥲😍 #margotrobbie #barbiemovie #dublin #ryangosling #barbieandken

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Meanwhile, in a separate interview with Dublin radio station FM104, Robbie heaped praise on her Irish co-star Nicola Coughlin, describing her as a great addition to the cast. 

Speaking at Barbie's European premiere in London on July 12, Robbie said Coughlin's inclusion in the movie was the "icing on the cake". 

"Isn't she just the best? I told you today I just love I love Ireland I love the Irish," Robbie told FM104. 

"Nicola being in the movie is another just icing on the cake for the Barbie movie we're so lucky." 

Greta Gerwig's live-action Barbie movie is set to hit cinemas on Friday, July 21, with fans around the globe eagerly anticipating the film's release.