B*Witched tweet their apologies after bride breaks both her feet during C'est La Vie

B*Witched, the all-girl Irish pop band, have tweeted their apologies to yet another bride, Lyndsey Henderson, who injured herself attempting to Irish dance to C’est La Vie at her wedding reception.

Henderson swore she was well practiced for a jig during B*Witched’s late ‘90s mega-hit, but found herself landing funny on her feet, and consequently landing in the emergency room two days after.

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A bystander caught wind of Henderson’s predicament and tweeted about it, quickly making Henderson a viral sensation.

there’s a woman in the A&E waiting room on crutches with both legs in casts. just heard her telling someone it was her wedding on saturday & she got a bit too overexcited irish dancing to c’est la vie. if you’re gonna have a reason to be in A&E, that should always be it.

— stuart little and kevin lyttle are the same person (@poppyoa) August 20, 2018

Spotting the viral tweet, Henderson’s brother Lee replied with her own picture of Lyndsey in two casts.

My sister everybody.A very northfield wedding party...... pic.twitter.com/gMAaOArVJm

— Lee Pardoe (@lee_pardoe) August 20, 2018

As if going viral wasn’t enough of a surprise, members of B*Witched tweeted their support - and apologies! - to the injured bride.

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B*Witched member Edele Lynch tweeted her apologies:

Omg sorry 🙈🙈☘️☘️☘️☘️❤️❤️😂 happy wedding 😬 lots of love

— edele lynch (@edelelynch) August 21, 2018

As did Sinead O’Carroll:

Oh no... not another person.... C’est La Vie has a lot to answer for... so many injuries... so sorry to hear this, hope you have a speedy recovery .😘😘😘

— Sinead O'Carroll (@sinocarroll) August 21, 2018

Lyndsey's brother Lee later tweeted that his sister will be in casts for 4-6 weeks.

As the girls say - that’s life!

Watch B*Witched’s ‘C’est La Vie’ here!

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