Atlanta-based Irish businessman Peter Casey has emerged as a big winner after a bidding war among 13 publishers in India for his first book "Tata: The World’s Greatest Company." Casey is a household figure in Ireland as a member of the "Dragon’s Den" TV program which sees entrepreneurs pitch their new ideas at experienced and successful business leaders.

The negotiations resulted in the Derry man signing a deal with Penguin India, with early sales of the book surpassing all expectations.

He has also been featured in India’s Hello magazine and other major media in advance of embarking on a book signing and speaking tour of the country in November.

The India-based Tata Group (which owns Jaguar and British Steel among others) is one of the world’s biggest companies – and their chairman is one of Ireland’s richest men Cyrus Mistry.

“There is simply no other major business on Earth like the Tata Group – a company whose bottom line every time is doing the right thing for society,” said Peter, whose book has just been released in Ireland by Ballpoint Press.

“This is a story about a truly unique company which has not merely reformulated many of the business principles we have been taught for generations; it has turned them upside down.”

Tata’s chairman Cyrus Mistry is a member of Ireland’s richest family and son of this country’s wealthiest man Pallonji Mistry, whose worth is estimated at over €12.5 billion.

Cyrus holds an Irish passport in honor of his Dublin-born mother Patsy Perin Dubash.

Peter is the founder and Executive Chairman of Claddagh Resources, an executive search company headquartered in Lisfannon, Co Donegal, although he lives in Atlanta.

“I initially decided to write this book to help my recruiters and executive search consultants have a better understanding of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) who over 14 years, had become my company’s biggest client.

“It was supposed to just be a short 15-page summary, but the more I started studying TCS and TATA, the more captivated I got and the project developed a life of its own.

“When I discovered that Cyrus’ mother’s name was also Patsy, like my own mother’s, I decided that it was a sign to go the whole way and write a definitive book on this amazing company.

“Companies are traditionally organized on two lines – either to make money for their shareholders or to deliver services for sections of the community.

“Tata, uniquely, does both and is 66% controlled by a charitable trust.

“Today, Tata Sons employs nearly half a million people, controls over 130 companies including Jaguar and British Steel, is the biggest private sector employer in the UK and earns revenues of $100 billion.”

With a foreword from John Hume and cartoons by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Mike Luckovich, Peter Casey’s book is the first to tell the full story from the founding of Tata by Jamsetji Tata over a century ago, to the building of a company that could legitimately be described as the greatest in the world.

A diversified global enterprise, 66% owned by the philanthropic trusts that control the companies in the group, the company shares profits with employees, shareholders and the societies in which they live and work.

“The most senior Tata managers don’t live in sprawling and multiple mansions, as so many American and European CEOs do, but in modest apartments and homes,” said Peter.

“The active mission of Tata since its foundation is simply to make people’s lives better.”

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