The Map of Stereotypes even brands the Irish Sea as the “Ginger Sea.”

In 2014, Slovakian artist Martin Vargic created a map of the world including 1,800 stereotypes of highlighting the absurdity of people’s views of certain parts of the world.

Vargic chooses these stereotypes for the island of Ireland:

- Giant’s Causeway

- Birthplace of Titanic


- Grimy Leprechauns

- Bar Fighters

- Irish Pub

The Map of Stereotypes even brands the Irish Sea as the “Ginger Sea”. However, the stereotypes he picks for other countries are equally as shocking and silly including “YE OLD AMERICA” for Britain, “PUBES” for France, “Wolf of Wall Street” for New York, to mention but a few.

The Independent reported that the beautiful map took the artist three months to complete and another month and a half adding the labels.

Speaking to The Week Vargic stressed that the Map of Stereotypes does not reflect his personal opinions but is rather a parody of the most prevalent stereotypes and pop culture references in Western society.

He said the “majority of stereotypes are basically oversimplifications and, though they are based on a real phenomenon, it is wrong to associate them with the entire country, nation, race or other group of people.”

The full map is well worth a browse. You can find it here.

*Originally published in 2014