Apple made the decision to start making feature films and has enlisted the help of Cartoon Saloon, an Irish animation company from Kilkenny.

The company has been nominated for Oscars in the past and is close to making a deal with Apple for the rights over an animated movie, which would have it as part of many new original videos, as The Independent reported.

Apple is in talks with an Oscar-nominated animation studio about acquiring the rights to a film #tictocnews

— TicToc by Bloomberg (@tictoc) June 15, 2018

Such Oscar nominations include three of its films, ‘Song of the Sea’, ‘Secret of Kells’, and ‘The Breadwinner’.

The studio is known for making short films in addition to TV programs, yet its most popular work at the moment is the Emmy-nominated pre-school series ‘Puffin Rock’, which is available globally on Netflix.

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Production on the film hasn’t begun as of yet, but Apple is currently trying to buy the distribution rights for the US and other locations. Neither Apple nor Cartoon Saloon have commented on the deal.

Apple Entering Movie Biz? Animation Deal in the Works (Report)

— Variety (@Variety) June 14, 2018

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have all capitalized on the video-streaming market and exclusive content, hence Apple is seeking to expand its base. Apple has made deals for original programming in the past, but the tech giant is yet to have announced any films.

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The upcoming Cartoon Saloon film will most likely be shown in cinemas in order for it qualify for Academy Awards, but it is still unclear as to how Apple plans to distribute the film as no official statement has been made.