Anne Hathaway looked angelic in white at the New York City premiere of The Dark Knight Rises on Monday night.

The New York born actress, who plays Catwoman in the upcoming blockbuster sported a plunging Grecian-style gown on the red carpet. The 29-year-old actress took four months of dance, martial arts and stunt training for the role, according to

The star embraced a vegan diet to help her lose weight for the role.

"Keeping a consistent weight was hard," Hathaway said. "I worked really hard, but I wouldn't describe it as killer. I was able to shift my entire life so it became about transforming myself into the character.

"Everyone in my life understood, and if I went out to meals with friends they understood that I could only go to certain restaurants. It required a ton of hard work and discipline, which I never had to do before."

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters this Friday July 20.

Anne Hathaway at The Dark Knight Rises New York Premiere -PNP / WENN