The awful "Britain's Got Talent" judge Amanda Holden has admitted she drops Susan Boyle's name to make reservations in top restaurants in America.

She has some nerve given that she carried out a very cruel sketch on Susan in a television show she appeared on and made clear her contempt for the Scottish songstress.

But now that Susan is a worldwide phenomenon, Amanda is not above using her name, it appears.

Isn't it fitting though that Amanda has to use Susan Boyle’s name to make restaurant reservations in the U.S.?

She told the Sun newspaper that when she called for a reservation whenever they asked  “Who is it for?” She’d say: “‘Do you know Susan Boyle? I’m the judge on that show.’”

“They would be like: ‘Oh my god! Susan Boyle!’ and we would be in,” Holden said. “It’s amazing – she (Boyle) seems to have reached every corner of the world. I don’t think she realizes her fame is growing.

“Susan has been in a little bubble in  Los Angeles making her album and probably thinks the world has forgotten about her.”

I don't think so Amanda. I think the world has quickly forgotten about you but they remember and know Susan very well.

She is a worldwide star now and it is fascinating that you suddenly are trying to use her again to boost your own recognition.

My advice, Amanda, is leave Susan out of it and eat at MacDonald's.

You had the chance to fly in the slipstream and you blew it by a single ungracious and very hurtful act.

Susan's real fans know the score.