Young Irish singer Allie Sherlock’s incredible performance of Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers on Dublin’s Grafton Street went viral.

Back in 2017, the internet went wild for then twelve-year-old Allie Sherlock, from Co. Cork,  who really knows how to draw in a crowd with her busking performances.

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A Facebook video of the talented young performer acquired nearly 2 million views.

“One from the weekend in Dublin….thank you to everyone who stop to listen,” Allie writes with the post. “It makes it so much nicer for me.”

Sherlock received a lot of praise for her singing, with commenters saying “You have given me goosebumps” and “Raw talent. Amazing!”

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Watch her amazing performance in the video below:

Since then, she's gone on to do some pretty amazing things - appearing on The Ellen Show, furthering her singing career, and recording some astounding covers.


Check them out below!

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