Like the famous old Irish tune says, a mother's love is a blessing, and the old proverb is no different for Irish-American singer/actress/celebrity/hellraiser Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay's mom Dina was gushing about her daughter recently and gave a hint as to what Lindsay might do later in her career

“She’s a genius and has such a good heart. Lindsay will direct one day. She loves directing!”

Dina, herself a reality star from the "Living Lohan" show on E!, also had some motherly advice about falling in love.

"You know what, I taught my children to love. And if you fall in love, life is about that. Family, it's not about work. You want goals, but you still want someone to share that with, so it's kind of an open ended question."

Things are looking good for Lindsay professionally, as she is currently filming "Machete" with director Robert Rodriguez in a role that could put her acting career back on track.

However, though Dina might have taught Lindsay how to love, she may not have been listening to her mother about staying in love.  The 23-year-old is in the midst of a rocky relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, though the status of their union seems to change daily. 

The two lovebirds looked blissfully happy celebrating Ronson's 32nd birthday recently, but Lohan was pictured leaving Ronson's place a few days later looking rather glum.

Maybe she can use her genius skills to sort out that puzzle, or call Dina for some maternal advice!