He's been called back again.

"SNL" really love our Alec.

On the May 15th "SNL" airing, Alec Baldwin will host the show for the 15th time.

Baldwin has the pleasure of rounding off the season of the show with a much anticipated appearance from Betty White.

Also we are told Jay-Z will feature as Baldwin's musical guest.

Baldwin announced his next stint on the show as he was addressing the White House Correspondence dinner recently.

Baldwin will tie with Steve Martin for the most times hosting the show.

There is no doubt he is a favorite.

However, "SNL" producers are not giving anything away.

Maybe Baldwin let the cat out of the bag a bit too soon.

Lets hope this is not his way of being funny or there will be a lot of Baldwin fans disappointed on May 15.

Alec Baldwin to host 'SNL' for 15th time