Irish dancing is famous worldwide, but us Irish are no one trick pony. A new release from the makers of “Fifty People, One Question” showcases the vibrant dance community in Galway and the fantastic talent of Irish dancers through a range of dancing styles.

Galway-based filmmaker Kamil Krolak celebrates the diversity of our people and the beauty of dancing in the street with his new video made in collaboration with Tai Chi and tango expert, Niall O’Floinn.

The video, inspired by Enrique Iglesias’s "Bailando," features 20 different styles across tens of different dancers and shows off Galway’s vibrant city to boot.

The video was released along with a new 90 minute documentary “Galway Bailando” which travels across Galway, filming dancers inside and out and featuring 20 different dance artists and schools.

We all think we can bust a move when the right mood takes us, but we haven’t got a patch on these movers and shakers.