Family Friendly HQ is a trusted parenting community, dedicated to mums and dads, and families of all shapes and sizes.

Are you happy with the amount of time you get to spend with your kids or partner? While new research shows that 99% of Irish families think family time is important, only 36% are happy with the amount of it we manage to slot into our hectic schedules. 

On hand to help is the newly revamped Irish parenting website, Family Friendly HQ, who after a nine-month redesign and large research project relaunched their new look, ready to take on the family problems facing modern Ireland and enable you to work through them.

Family Friendly HQ is a trusted parenting community, dedicated to mums and dads, and families of all shapes and sizes. The inclusive website will share supportive expert advice as well as inspiring and honest parenting experiences. 

“The goal of Family Friendly HQ is to help the parenting community to navigate parenthood in modern Ireland. From pre-pregnancy to the teenage years, we have you covered,” said Richie Kelly, CEO of Packed.House at the Family Friendly HQ relaunch. 

“Family is the most important thing in the world and supporting our community of parents is the most important thing to us. Following nine months of research and development by the Packed.House team we are extremely proud of the fact that this project was completed entirely by our in-house crew. 

“From ideation and editorial strategy to design and development, every aspect of this project was meticulously executed by our highly talented Packed.House team. We are exceptionally happy with the finished product and the feedback from our community has been overwhelmingly positive during testing.”

As well as announcing lifestyle blogger and mum of two, Tracey Quinn, as the new Strategy Director of Family Friendly HQ to lead the newly revamped site, Packed.House wanted to understand the Irish family and the different forms it comes in much better and so engaged in an in-depth research project that revealed some startling facts about Irish family life in 2019. 

Image: Family Friendly HQ.

Image: Family Friendly HQ.

Key insights revealed included: 

  • 35% are planning to work from home in the evening,
  • 40% spend one hour or more commuting every day,
  • 46% do not get enough sleep or their sleep could be broken,
  • 57% of kids spend more than two hours a week on device,
  • 24% of couples spend 12-14 hours together monthly – 26 minutes a day on average.

The research is also being used in the new Family Moments hub that is live on Family Friendly HQ from today. The hub encourages families to take the Family Moments challenge and will help them make the most of their family time with advice, tips, competitions and much more depending on their results. 

The hub also houses stories from well-known Irish families about how they pledge to maximize their quality time together. Tara Anderson and husband Daniel, Michael O'Leary and wife Emma, Grace Mongey and fiancé Chris, Rosie Connolly and husband Paul, Ranae von Meding and wife Audrey, and several others share their stories onsite.

You can visit Family Friendly HQ here.