One of Ireland’s nicknames is ‘The land of Saints and Scholars’ because of its numerous monasteries and colleges, dating all the way back to 500 A.D. It is no wonder then why some of their universities rank as some of the best in the world.

The top seven universities in Ireland are Trinity College, University College Dublin, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, National University of Ireland, Galway, University College Cork, Dublin City University, and Maynooth University. 

1. Trinity College, Dublin

Located within Dublin, this University is the oldest in the Republic of Ireland, opening its doors some 400 years ago in 1592. It was modeled after both the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, England. Situated near to the Irish Houses of Parliament, making it an ideal candidate for students pursuing degrees in political science. This university also has a large proportion of international students and faculty. 28% of students are from outside Ireland.

“Trinity College offers a unique experience for its international students as they can work part-time while they study. After they graduate, they can choose to continue their employment for one year as part of the Third Level Graduate Scheme,” says Tim Black, an educator at PhD Thesis Writing and Paper Fellows. If the postgraduate students are eligible, they can stay for up to two years, providing ample work experience opportunities. Students can also stay longer, providing they secure employment that meets the work permit criteria. 

2. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

 This is Ireland’s largest medical school. It ranked #1 in the world for goal 3 “Good health and wellbeing”2020. It was founded in 1784 to set and determine professional surgical training and practice for Ireland. They have recently expanded their postgraduate studies to include degrees in bereavement studies and health care technologies. They also offer five-year undergraduate degree courses in Pharmacy as well as a four-year course in Physiotherapy.

3. University College Dublin   

Another University now located 4 km south of Dublin is University College Dublin. UCD ranks in the top 1% in 2019 of the overall QS World University Rankings. Famous graduates include the author James Joyce. UCD is also ranked #1 in graduate employability in Ireland, making this a great choice for prospective students.  It is one of Ireland’s top leading research-intensive universities. 

UCD has six subjects ranked in the top 50. Veterinary Science (26), Library & Information Management (38), Nursing (44), English Language and Literature (49), Sports-related subjects (50), and Engineering – Mineral & Mining (50).

4. National University of Ireland, Galway

Situated within Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, The National University of Ireland Galway founded in 1849, currently ranks as one of the top 1% Universities in the world. This University prides itself on offering bachelor’s degrees in the more unusual subjects such as a BSc in podiatry or BE/Meng, in Sports and Exercise. 

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5. University College Cork

UCC is the first world’s university to have ever received the international Green Flag for environmental sustainability. Situated in the city of Cork, in southern Ireland, this university is ranked in the top 2%. It first opened its gates in 1849 to only 115 students. Nowadays, the student population is about 21,000. 

6. Dublin City University

Opening its doors in November 1980, this university has rapidly ascended the world rankings and offers a more modern university experience. The university offers many distance learning courses as well as on-campus study. “The library also has extensive access to digital records, about 250,000 volumes and steadily growing. The campus also boasts The Helix, a large arts venue complete with several performance spaces of varying sizes,” explains Daniel Higson, a writer at College Papers and Do My Assignment.

7. Maynooth University

Ranked #701-750 in the QS World Global Rankings for 2021, making it one of the top public universities. Established in 1997, this university boasts of being the home of the happiest international students in the world, having been given the Studyportals Global Student Satisfaction award in 2015. 

Ireland offers exceptional university experiences. These are some of the best places in Ireland to study and earn degrees. With a higher education degree from one of these seven prestigious Universities, students will be able to plan their future careers with ease.

* Katherine Rundell is a successful education writer at Dissertation Help and Best Paper Writing Service, where she regularly writes about education, including ways to develop effective classroom management. She is also a proofreader at Write My Essay UK. When not writing, Katherine enjoys spending time reading and staying up to date with the latest trends in education and technology.