Ever wanted to learn some beautiful Irish words and phrases to impress your Irish friends and relatives? Well, IrishCentral's one-stop-shop of Irish idioms is just the place for you. 

Now is as good a time as any for someone with aspirations of learning Irish to begin practicing some fun and easy phrases. 

This video, initially produced ahead of St. Patrick's Day, could give any aspiring Irish scholar a kickstart on their way to picking up Irish as a second language. 

The video would also be perfect for anyone who wants to get in touch with their Irish side ahead of St. Patrick's Day next year. It may be seven months away, but the early bird catches the worm!

The Irish language should be feted the world over for the beautiful language that it is and you can help to spread it to every corner of the globe by studying these fun sayings.

While IrishCentral has previously put together a guide on how to learn Irish for free online, the video below has some new phrases that will get you started off.

Cool Irish-language phrases for St. Patrick's Day.

"YOLO," "Bae," "what's your number?" and all the other cool Irish phrases you'll need this Saint Patrick's Day. Try them out today for Lá na Meán Sóisialta (Social Media Day) and show the world how great the Irish language is. #LNMS18 #Bliain2018 #SnaG18 Find more great phrases here: http://bit.ly/2tXFbxg

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Are you learning Irish outside of Ireland? Let us know how and why you’re learning it in the comments section, below.

* Originally published in March 2018. Updated March 2022.