Dublin has been ranked as the best city to be a student in Europe.

Studee, a website that helps international students find and apply to universities abroad, analyzed cities across the world to discover the top cities for students.

The study analyzed factors that matter the most to university students, such as the average cost of rent and living, the price of a MacBook, internet speeds, food offerings, percentage of young people, number of high ranking universities, and the levels of free speech and safety. 

Studee President Jihna Gavilanes said: “Deciding where to attend university is a big decision where you choose could be your home for many years. With so many options available, choosing where to study can feel overwhelming - especially if you're moving away from home for the first time. The things that are important to one student won’t be to another, so our ranking system uses several factors that actually make a difference to students.

“When choosing where to attend university or college, you need to consider everything that could impact your experience. You're not just choosing where to study, you're picking the place you will call home and the neighborhood where you could start your career. Your surroundings, the cost of living, and your social life are all factors you should think about before deciding where to enroll. Getting an education can be expensive so you must find the right place that works for you for the next few years and beyond.” 

Dublin ranked in the first position out of all the cities in Europe in the study and 13th in the overall worldwide rankings. 

The research showed that the average rent in Ireland's capital city, which has four high-ranking universities, was £1,437.05, with cost of living at  £771.05. 

Globally, Tokyo ranked number one, followed by Melbourne, Seoul, Quebec City, and Adelaide.

 The Top 10 Cities to be a Student in Europe

1. Dublin
2. Barcelona
3. Madrid
4. London
5. Lyon
6. Valencia
7. Toulouse
8. Brussels
9. Lisbon
10. Montpellier