It’s official: the Irish are mad for Star Wars. Just days after the Spire in Dublin was turned into a lightsaber, in December 2015, in honor of The Force Awakens, a video of a trad band playing the infamous theme tune has gone viral on Facebook.

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The Irish trad band, Connla, from Armagh, have created an amazing, catchy version of the theme using the uilleann pipes, the bodhrán, harp, and guitar. This will definitely leave you humming the sci-fi epic tune.

Also is it just us or could the world do with more uilleann pipe tunes?

Were just a tad excited for Star Wars coming out next week!! May the force be with all of ye ;-)

Posted by Connla on Friday, December 11, 2015

Ireland has gone wild for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens, along with the rest of the world. It’s already being predicted that the movie, released today (Fri, Dec 18) in the United States is set to breaking box office records for the best opening weekend of all time. Already the movies has taken in $14.1 million in a number of European countries on Wednesday and is estimated to have raised $50 million from previews on Thursday in the US.

Experts at Box Office Mojo estimate that The Force Awakens could achieve a record $575 to $650 million over the opening weekend. That would mean it overtakes Jurassic World’s record, the biggest opening weekend, with $204.6 million. It could even beat Avatar’s record as the highest grossing movie of all time, a whopping $2.78 billion.

One thing’s for sure. The world has gone crazy for this movie:

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*Originally published in December 2015.