A woman married a stranger she had never met before in a ceremony conducted live on Irish radio.

Three brave souls took part in a “challenge” called “Three Strangers And A Wedding” and two of them, Nigel and Anne Marie as we know now, have walked away married. The marriage service and nail-biting finale was streamed on iRadio. The stunt is being billed by the station as the “the world’s greatest social experiment.”

All three contestants were known to each other under pseudonyms, to prevent them from googling one another. “Juno” was tasked with the job of choosing either “Jupiter” or “Janus” to marry at the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone.

Juno had never seen either man and had only met them while on dinner dates, where they were separated by a wall. They had also spoken on the phone.

The bride, Juno, was chosen by the public, but it was her job to make the tough choice and pick a groom.

The rejected groom, according to the rules, had to leave the hotel and bring his wedding party with him. One of the presenters commented, “He was very disappointed.”

However Juno, whose name was revealed to be Anne Marie, chose without hesitation. She said “I pick Jupiter.”

They exchanged vows during a humanist ceremony after lighting a unity candle.

Anne Marie said, “I’ll do my best to be your other half. Though I don’t have the patience of a saint. Not with you, at you I’ll sometimes laugh. But I’ll try and learn restraint.”

Nigel’s vows took a very different tone. He said, “As freely as God has given me life, I join my life to yours.”

How weird is this!?

According to iRadio’s publicity literature the point of the stunt was “To find out if love is blind” or at least to show that “a couple can get to know each other without the pressures of looks or any other distractions.”

You can watch the whole thing unfold here: