This St. Patrick’s Day IrishCentral plans to build a timeline of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around America and the world, made up of footage from your very own Instagram accounts. Whoever submits the best video will win two round-trip tickets to Ireland.

On March 17, at 7pm (UTC), IrishCentral will publish a one-minute compilation, a Timeline of St Patrick’s Day in America and the world. Be part of our story! The next day we will announce our winner.

To enter to be in with a chance to be featured in our video and win flights to Ireland simply record and share an Instagram video and include #IrishCentral in your post.

Whether it’s gathering your family together, having a meal with friends, or watching a parade we want to see how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Our little elves at IrishCentral will nab your video and weave together a tapestry of what we believe will be a beautiful representation of St Patrick’s Day, celebrating what it means to be Irish around the world.