Before we get started, you should prepare and familiarize yourself with this iconic gif of the man himself.

Here we go!

1. He’s like that cool uncle that everyone has, but he’s that cool uncle to the entire country.

“Yea, u kno, I can hang with the youngins.”

2. He was on NBC’s “Parks & Recreation” (as himself).

Way to keep it cool, Amy Poehler/Leslie Knope is a real political teenage dream.

3. He was in GQ.

What? You're not impressed? When was the last time you were in GQ? Never? That’s what I thought.

4. This adorable exchange.

Mr. Biden, you can shoot us with chocolate whenever.

5. He did that classic cool guy ‘point and nod’ move at the State of the Union Address; this instantly made the person he pointed at fifteen-times cooler.

Dang, Joe, you’re so smooth.

6. He can be serious too.

Albeit not for long.

7. Look at that smile! Rock ‘n roll star or Vice President? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

We're gonna have to say both. Vice President by day, laying down funky groves on the bass by night.

8. Overcame a speech impediment as a child to become, well, you know…

Who’s the man? Joe is.

9. He’s tough as nails. He overcame the loss of his first wife and young daughter in an automobile accident and survived a brain aneurism.

POW POW POW! Take that personal tragedy!

10. He’s on his way to bringing the word ‘malarkey’ back.

Way to represent those Irish roots, Joe!

11. He LOVES ice cream.


He loves ice cream.

Anywhere, anytime, always ice cream.

Two cones at once!? I wish i loved anything even half as much as he loves ice cream.

He even understands that when you love something, sometimes you have to set it free.


A true American hero.