International Tea Day is today, May 21! Throw on the kettle and celebrate.

Have it in the morning, have it in the evening, have it at suppertime - Irish tea is great all the time.

Irish the world over know that there's nothing quite as comforting as sticking the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.

Here are the top reasons why the Irish are fond of a nice cuppa'!

1. Tea and sympathy

Broke up with the boyfriend/girlfriend, need a sympathetic ear? Tell your mam all about it over a cuppa. 

2. Starter upper

First thing in the morning, a nice blast of caffeine and so much more refined than coffee. How do people even function without tea? Actually, we don’t want to know.

3. Put the kettle on, here come the nosy neighbors

It's the usual ritual when the neighbors drop in. Always ask how they like it even if you know. Studies show that falling into a pile of rubble on the floor is the most effective way to subtly tell them when it’s time for them to leave.

4. Best china tea

When the posh visitors come, the humble mug is hidden and the best china – same tea – comes out. Remember the dainty little finger extended too.

5. Girls' night out

Invite them back in for a cuppa. No matter how alarming the stories you're sharing, be sure you keep an eye on the cup!

Irish tea is great all the time!. Credit: Getty

Irish tea is great all the time!. Credit: Getty

6. It's a well-known Irish hangover cure

Tea and a hearty Irish breakfast. Kill or cure ya. Oh, these sunglasses? Yes, I know I’m inside. I just couldn’t find my regular frames. Shhh.

7. Let’s have a cup of tea and sort this out!

Usually at the end of an argument the tea is the glue to bring it all back together again. Now, be nice to your Nan and make her a fresh cuppa.


8. Tea as an aphrodisiac

Some Irish folks swear it beats Viagra! Grrrr!

9. Relax!

At the end of a hard day just switch on the telly and boil the kettle for a well-deserved cuppa.

Well done! Good show! You deserve this.

*Originally published in 2014. Updated in May 2024.