In Ireland, pubs that serve food can reopen from June 29, and pubs that only serve drinks can reopen from July 20.

As Ireland appears to be successfully beating the coronavirus pandemic, the Irish government revealed on June 5 that it will be accelerating its Roadmap to reopen society and the economy.

The original Roadmap, published on May 1, included five phases, with the final phase to launch tentatively on August 10. (Ireland is currently in Phase 2, which launched on June 8.) The Irish government made it clear from the beginning that its Roadmap could and would be changed in line with public health guidance.

On June 5, in anticipation of the launch of Phase 2 on June 8, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced the first major change to Ireland’s Roadmap.

In his address on June 5, the Taoiseach revealed: “There will now just be four phases rather than five. Phase 3 will start on the 29th of June, and Phase 4 on the 20th of July."

The Taoiseach added: “Cabinet decided today to plan a return of the tourism and hospitality sectors on June 29th as part of a revised Phase 3. 

“We want to see the return of domestic tourism in our country, and the re-opening of hotels, restaurants, hostels, caravan parks, galleries and museums from 29th of June. Making it possible for bars that also operate as restaurants to reopen.”

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Notably, details about this revised schedule are still being considered by the government, as per a message on the government's website on June 9: “Phases 3-5 of Ireland's roadmap are currently being looked at with the intention of compressing them into 2 more phases rather than the 3 phases that were originally planned. More information will come shortly.”

While details surrounding the accelerated schedule are still being clarified by the Irish government, it appears that pubs that serve food can reopen from June 29, and pubs that serve drinks only can reopen from July 20.

So, while details are being hammered out, the countdown to Ireland's pubs reopening is officially on, a sort of light at the end of the tunnel following a difficult few months around the world.

IrishCentral wants to know - what pub in Ireland will you be heading to on June 29? How about later on July 20?

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The countdown to when Ireland's pubs (that serve food!) can reopen on June 29:

The countdown to when Ireland's pubs (that serve just drinks!) can reopen on July 20:

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