Dublin prison officers became suspicious after spotting containers from a local Chinese takeaway inside the jail.

Officers at Wheatfield Prison in Clondalkin are scratching their heads after finding empty Chinese takeaway cartons in the trashcans. 

It is believed that prisoners had the food delivered by a drone.

“There’s no other conceivable way a Chinese takeaway could get into the prison other than by a drone," a source told The Irish Mirror

This is going to be a big problem what's next, a gun? Drone used to deliver Chinese takeaway to Wheatfield prison in Dublin.https://t.co/LX10mRGef0

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— Gerben (@gerbendeperben) October 1, 2018

spokesman for the Irish Prison Service told the outlet, “I have not heard of any such delivery/incident."

"I won’t for obvious reasons go into details about the size of the holes in the nets but I can tell you they cover all the yard," the spokesperson continued.

The source added that drugs are increasingly being used to drop drugs into the medium-security prison.

Inmates get a message to dealers on the outside with an order of what drugs they want and the shipment is then delivered to them, the source revealed. 

 “It would appear drones are being used a lot more than they ever were, it’s a regular occurrence now. A lot of the drugs appear to be getting in that way. There’s a running joke it’s like dial-a-drug service as you just get word of what you want, cocaine, spice, or whatever, and it’s delivered in by a drone," they said.

The Irish Prison Service spokesperson confirmed that all measures are in place to stop them from dropping contraband into the yard.

Meanwhile, the source said, “It goes to show inmates will go to great lengths to get what they want.”

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