The United States has “In God We Trust,” the French have “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité,” but what should Ireland’s national motto be? The public is being asked what motto would serve best as an expression of Ireland’s values, hopes and ideals.

Better Together is a non-profit group which encourages the public to support charities and make a difference in their communities. They’ve asked the public “What do you think Ireland's national motto should be?”

In their campaign statement the group says, “During this decade of centenary commemorations we think it's important to ask what we have achieved since Ireland took its first steps towards statehood. What unites us today? What are our hopes for the future? What should we aspire to? And can all this be summed up in a national motto?”

Their only guidelines for Ireland’s national motto were that it should be either in English or as Gaelige, be “relevant, respectful, clear and positive” and be no longer than 60 characters.

Here’s just a selection of the submissions on Twitter so far:

"Ah Sure, it's grand" #mottoforireland

— Pope Francis (@efferal) September 25, 2014

@todayfmofficial my motto for Ireland "Ireland. Live today, Dream Tomorrow." #mottoforireland #raydarcy

— MyDayMyWay (@mydaymywayie) September 25, 2014

#Mottoforireland Strong, true ,together, Ireland forever.

— david kenny (@davidpjkenny) September 25, 2014

#mottoforireland Ireland: Small Country, Big Heart. Proud and beautiful.

— Zoe Kelly (@Kellyzo) September 25, 2014

Where even the seagulls have lost the run of themselves. #MottoForIreland

— Shane Doyle (@ShaneDoyle19) September 25, 2014

The public will now be invited to vote for their favorite submission. The top 50 mottos will then be passed on to an independent panel and a report will be submitted to Ireland’s parliament. The authors of the 20 most popular mottos will be invited to attend the Better Together Awards, at Dublin Castle, where they will receive a certificate.

Would do you think Ireland’s national motto should be? Let us know in the comment section below.

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