The organizers behind Ravelóid, a new Irish language music festival taking place this summer, know there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ Irish sing-along.

Keeping this in mind, the festival put a camera in the middle of Grafton Street in Dublin at 4 am on a Saturday night with a sign asking passersby to “Sing a song in Irish.” As expected, this brilliant marketing ploy produced some very interesting — and oftentimes hilarious – results.

Quite a few people, like the group of ladies who sang ‘Óró, sé do bheatha ‘bhaile’ while doing the Macarena, got really into their performances.

Watch the video below:

Ravelóid will be held on the expansive grounds of Ardgillan Castle, near Balbriggan in north county Dublin, June 10-12. The line-up includes Mundy, HotHouse Flowers, Seo Linn, Kíla, and Delorentos. 

According to the festival's website: “Ravelóid will put the Irish language at the center of an exciting mixture of contemporary and traditional music, comedy, dance, literature, discussions, workshops and more."

The event will be a “dynamic celebration of the Irish language as an intrinsic element of our identity and will provide a wonderful insight into the vibrancy and diversity of the language’s contemporary culture in 2016.”

More information on the festival can be found here.