So you thought your English was pretty good, eh? Well you’ll soon be tested when you arrive to Ireland.

“Story Bud?,” a short film created by Jenny Keogh, was made to celebrate Irish phrases and slang. This movie focuses primarily on Dubliners and their idiosyncrasies of language.

Keogh’s blurb, featured along with the video, explains that her series of short movies, “How The Irish Speak English,” “celebrates the Hiberno-English language – from slang to phrases to old sayings (many of which are dying out). The aim of the series is to both educate and entertain, whilst documenting and preserving our unique language for future generations.”

Her follow on video from “Story Bud?” is even more fascinating. In “How’s About You?” Keogh features eight counties represented by eight actors. The clip is a great example of just how varied Ireland’s versions of English can be.

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