Okay, so this isn’t great. The fact that one the Buzzfeed crew who was quizzed started with, “Is this right side up?” isn’t confidence-inspiring, but, to be fair, if most Irish people were handed a map of the United States and asked to pinpoint major cities they’d probably have a tough time.

The folks at Buzzfeed Blue are handed a blank map of the British Isles, along with four flags and a pen. They were asked to label the map Ireland (north and south), England, Scotland, and Wales. We’ll tell you straight up – only one of them gets this right. Also, we’d like to give a special shout out to the man who apparently has a lot of friends in London, but bases his geographical knowledge of these countries on the Spice Girls. Oh lord.

Have a look:

We have to give the Buzzfeed crew kudos, though. They’re really embracing learning about the world. Just last month they had a go at learning how to Riverdance and they’ve recently tackled the hard task of pronouncing traditional Irish names.

Taken as a bit of fun it’s really pretty hilarious.

* Originally published in August 2015.