Besides needing a friendly attitude and patience for dealing with intoxicated patrons, any good bartender should know the correct way to pour a pint of Guinness. In fact, even though the majority of beer drinkers agree that Guinness tastes better in Ireland, fans of ‘the black stuff’ all over the world are extremely fussy when it comes to how their pint is pulled. 

According to experts, a “perfect pour” should take 119.5 seconds, be filled at a 45 degree angle, and include a rest. The stout should be served at exactly 42.8 F with a creamy head.

One bartender at Finnegan’s Pub in Hoboken is taking his Guinness-serving to a new level. In the video below, which has been shared over a 197,000 times, watch as bartender Russell Donnelly effortlessly flips three pints of Guinness over his head before catching them without spilling a drop. Donnelly shows off his impressive skills to the song “Rocky Road to Dublin” by The Dubliners.

We’re not sure if juggling your Guinness beforehand makes it taste any better, but it sure is entertaining to watch!