Prepare to have your heart melted by little girl fangirling over her garbagemen

A Reddit posted featuring the thrilled young Irish girl meeting her local garbagemen is melting hearts everywhere.

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“The bin men found out their biggest fan watches them every week and decided to give her a present,” was the title of lifeandtimes89’s viral post.

The video features the young Irish girl excitedly waiting at her window to see her local bin-men (or garbage-men if you’re in the States) pull up in front of her house.

When they finally do, the little girl runs to the door with excitement to wave.

However, the girl was in for a surprise when the generous bin man walked up to the door to give her a gift.

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“Oh my gosh those bin men are so nice!” exclaimed the man recording, and we couldn’t agree more.

Watch here!

The bin men found out their biggest fan watches them ever week and decided to give her a present -sorry for all the "oh my goodness's" I was just so happy for her from r/aww

Afterward, her mother shared the photo of one very excited little girl!

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