Glen Hansard can't even grab fast food without being part of a sing-song in Ireland!

A video has surfaced on Facebook showing the legend, Hansard, stopping by to order some fries in what Irish people call a 'chipper'. 

For some bizarre reason, musician Neil Moran was in the chipper with his guitar and his friends, and when they saw Hansard they had to have a sing-song together. 

They all sang Mic Christopher's fantastic song, Heyday. They all sing it very well considering it's an impromptu song being sung in a chipper by a bunch of lads and an Irish icon!

Just a normal Tuesday night in the chipper in Kilbeggan! #chippersessions

Posted by May Maloney on Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Not everyone can remember the lyrics and Hansard has a laugh with Neil when he gets a chord or two wrong. 

It doesn't end there though. After Heyday, they tried to find a female singer for the song Falling Slowly but couldn't find anyone. 

At this stage, we're sure Glen just wanted to get on with it and get his fries. He was still a fantastic sport and after a bit of a discussion, they settled on a rendition of one of his favorites, The Auld Triangle. 

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It's a great song, and Glen sings it at most of his gigs. The whole chipper started singing along but none of them know the verses! 

Glen helped remind everyone and they got into it after a bit of a cold start. 

This completely random act of music happened in a chipper in Kilbeggin in County Westmeath. 

Glen even decided to ad-lib a verse all about the chipper. He sang: 

"Well, the chips were flying

And I was dying,

And the hunger was upon me

Driving through Kilbeggin"

When he said Kilbeggin the entire crowd let out a big cheer. He then thanked the staff for putting up with him and they let out another cheer before finishing. 

It must have been a dream come through for Neil. For Glen, it was probably a very interesting trip to the chipper.

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