Great news for anyone who hails from the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. The Southern Irish accent was voted the most attractive of all following an online poll of those who live in Britain or Ireland.

The research undertaken by found that the Irish accent won 61 percent of the votes. The Irish brogue ranked number one, ahead of the standard British accent.

The results state “Southern Ireland, which for a long time had a shrinking population largely due to emigration (which means the accent is well-known worldwide), is the best accent to have for being considered attractive. It scores net 42, 11 points ahead of the standard accent of mainly the Southern areas of Britain – Received Pronunciation, or 'BBC English'.”

What can you say!? When you’re hot you’re hot!

The Welsh came in third place, with Yorkshire and the West Country in fourth and fifth place.

Poor Birmingham came in last as the least favorite accent of the lot. They scored a whopping minus 53 while the Liverpool accent scored minus 33.

According to YouGov, “there are roughly as many [dialects] in the British Isles as there are in the whole of North America – including Canada, Bermuda and Native American dialects.” So what they did was break it down and have the public look at the 12 main accents.

So basically we’re the best! Ah shucks.

* Originally published in Aug 2015.

Here’s a popular YouTube video that actually teaches you how to do an Irish accent:

* Originally published in 2015.