Irishwomen are a unique breed, as we all know.

Here are some of the things that make them very special.

Maureen O’Hara:

The feisty redhead gets that fiery Irish woman thing very well.


Irish women are never far from the teapot for a cuppa it seems.


Alas the stereotype is true: french fries, mashed, boiled, with jackets or without.


As in not backward about coming forward. Irish women are no shrinking violets.

Great with the words, especially Mammies:

“Where do you think you are going dressed like that?”...Sort of stuff.


Guilty secret, but they will look for the second magpie furiously, remembering the old “One for sorrow, two for joy” refrain. Also don’t ask them to walk under a ladder.

Tearful tissues:

Sentimentals at heart they will weep at “Bridges of Madison County” and “Love Story.”

Mother Courage:

Don’t dare say something bad about their kids. A lioness with cubs has nothing on them.

Warm words, soft heart:

Very welcoming, especially to strangers, and they mostly love Yanks.


Have to admit it, wonderful pastime. “Will Ya Go Away? Seriously? Who woulda thought?” Type of stuff.

Source: Mostly from Tara Flynn’s “You're Grand” (