In 2014, a top Irish banker speculated on Ireland being the 51st American state. It got us to thinking here at IrishCentral.

Here are our definitive conclusions.

1. Europe has been a complete bust, we could not fare any worse.

2. No more tedious tax treaties for Apple, Google, etc. Just come on over folks.

3. An NFL team for Dublin—yeah! Go Dublin Leprechauns

4. No US immigration when Irish fly to New York!

5. No US Customs when Irish fly to New York!

6. Dollar the same currency everywhere!

7. We’d all be dual American citizens.

8. Cute California surfer babes could come to college in Dublin.

9. Obamacare for everyone in Ireland!

10. Hillary Clinton for Irish president. (And no Donald Trump!)

Would you like to see Ireland become the 51st US state? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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*Originally published in November 2014.