1. “Swing the teapot”

A family tradition of sharing a communal pot of tea, i.e. pass the teapot.

2. “Bothering the hunger”

Starving, getting ready to get rid of the hunger.

3.“Looking at things and leaving them so”

Let things be as there is no rush on anything.

4. “Round the house and mind the dresser”

When young couples are having a hooley in the home, avoid hitting the furniture.

5.“The curse of Cromwell on you”

The worst you can wish on anyone, the most hated man in Irish history.

6. “He has the evil eye”

He’s a bad one, called after Balor of the Evil Eye from Celtic folklore.

7. “Go on ya boy ya”

You’re some character to deal with.

8. “Lord between us and all harm”

Save us from some terrible thing.

9. “If he had ducks they’d drown”

He has no luck whatsoever in whatever he does.


As in “listen to me now.”  “Whist did you hear about…”