Here are ten Irish expression you may not be familiar with.

They don’t mean exactly what you might think when you first see them! Be careful!
The Irish goodbye:

The fellow or gal who slinks away from the party without a farewell or a slan leat. Known as the Irish goodbye.
The Irish proposal:

“Would you like to be buried with my people?”

An old rural way of asking a key question before romance and bridal registries.
The Irish silence:

“Whatever you say, say nothing, when you talk about you know.”

Seamus Heaney’s famous advice when the topic turned difficult.

The Irish pizza:

According to an article on Irish pizza in The New York Times the pizzas are topped with spinach and leeks, cabbage and Parma ham, or blood sausage with pears.
The Irish question:

Always shorthand for the Northern Ireland issue. Where do you stand on the Irish question? Meaning what do you think about Northern Ireland.
The Irish black stuff:

A pint of Guinness cool and creamy
The Irish prayer:

God make me holy, just not yet!
The Irish grudge:

When you have a chip on both shoulders against someone.
An Irish headache:

“He’d give an aspirin a headache” to describe a real pain in the ass person.
Irish words for men’s and ladies loos:

Mna (sounds like men) for women.

Fir, for men.

Make sure you get it right.