Hiberno English, is you’re not accustomed to it, is something to behold! This week’s curator of the @Ireland Twitter account, who describes himself as “Born in Lagos; Made in Dublin”, admitted that when he first arrived to Ireland he wasn’t quite sure we were speaking English at all.

Arra’ ah sure, we’ve a fierce quare way of talkin’ that’d confuse even the sharpest tool in the box!

Timi (27) has lived in Ireland for 13 years and is the founder of the photography blog, “Picture This Dublin,” now a nine person creative collective. Always out and about on his bike in the city that he loves, Timi says his motto is #EnjoyYourCity.

On taking on the role of curator of @Ireland for the week Timi asked the 25.8k followers:

What are your most used #IrishColloquialisms? I need to know! It's for science damnit!

— Ireland / Timi (@ireland) January 7, 2015
The responses below are, as we say in Dublin, “deadly”:

It's grand. It'll be grand. Everything's grand. The first of many #IrishColloquialisms I've come to assimilate.

— Ireland / Timi (@ireland) January 8, 2015

@ireland "Would you go away out of that" #IrishColloquialisms #onlyinireland

— Majella O'Dea (@MajellaODea) January 7, 2015

Tiz fierce quiet. #Irishcolloquialisms

— The Bourgeois Pope (@RackFocussed) January 7, 2015

'She was wearing the face of yer man' @IrelandUncut #IrishColloquialisms

— John Barrington (@PhuckAllCraic) January 7, 2015

We have some of the best colloquialisms here. First time I heard "what's the craic" I was very worried for my safety. #IrishColloquialisms

— Ireland / Timi (@ireland) January 7, 2015

Biggest cop out phrase after someone tells you about their terrible situation... "sure this is it" #IrishColloquialisms

— Ireland / Timi (@ireland) January 7, 2015

I've never understood "c'mere t me" If I'm coming to where you are, am I not coming to you? #IrishColloquialisms

— Ireland / Timi (@ireland) January 7, 2015

...if the prognosis is hopeless, you've "gone to Dublin", usually said with eyes thrown to Heaven...;-) #IrishColloquialisms

— an cailín cainteach (@Trillian_01) December 3, 2010
The @Ireland Twitter account rotates each week with a new voice introduced every Monday morning. As the Ireland of today is not confined to the island of Ireland, the varied voices of @Ireland come from Ireland and across the world.

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