Though nobody in Ireland actually tips their hat and says “top ‘o the mornin to you,” there is something to be said for a good Irish hat. The IrishCentral Shop has a great variety of St. Patrick’s Day hats to choose from, for grownups and kids alike so you can tip your hat with aplomb on St. Patrick’s Day. These are a few of our favorites.  

Celtic Nation Baseball Cap with Ireland Lettering, $18.99

An old school baseball cap from Lansdowne that comes in a soft green shade with a beautifully contrasting ‘Ireland’ embroidered in a squash orange hue, with ‘Celtic Nation’ above. The handsome cap is crafted from a thick cotton.

Brown/Tweed Guinness Flat Cap, $28.99

If you are looking for a classic Tweed hat that is a little different this Brown Tweed cap is perfect. The classically constructed cap is the perfect way to top off an outfit, old school style featuring the Guinness logo.

Irish Celtic Dragon Kids Fun Hat, $16.99

This cute and colorful hat from Lansdowne combines two of children’s very favorite things: spiky dragon tails and Viking horn hats. Made from a soft and thick polyester, the hat is well-crafted for maximum fun!

Ireland Shamrock Baseball Cap, $19.99

This cute denim kid’s baseball cap from Traditional Craft is a popular one. The blue cotton is soft, sturdy and breathable, and the front reads ‘Ireland’ with a big center shamrock.

Guinness Baseball Tweed Cap With Gold Guinness Dublin Ireland Logo, $19.99

A classic black tweed cap with some gorgeous Guinness accents! The front of the cap features an gold Irish harp and an embroidered ‘Guinness’ and ‘Ireland’. One size fits all, Official Guinness Merchandise.

White, Green Ireland Reversible Beanie Hat, $19.99

Reversible hats are amazing for whenever you get tired of one side’s look! This particular plush green-and-white Irish beanie is super-soft & thick to keep your noggin warm.

Emerald Ireland Badge Child’s Baseball Cap, $17.99

Just a really all-around great Ireland baseball cap, thoughtfully designed in cotton by Lansdowne. Special details include an Ireland shamrock badge in a rich green that will remind all who see it of the Emerald Isle.

Guinness Pint Fun Party Hat, $19.99

This hilarious oversized fun hat really brings the party wherever you go. Styled to uncannily resemble an enormous glass of black stout with cream on top – yum!