Forget flash mobs, forget celebrity appearances, forget elaborate scavenger hunts. Dublin man Gavin Fogarty dreamed up the best way ever to propose to his partner, Clara, and all it involved was a phone camera, the perfect song, and the two of them.

(And a few hundred thousand smitten viewers since the video went online.)

Back in September, Fogarty started filming one second of his day, each day. When he was ready to pop the question, he compiled the clips into one glorious four-and-a-half minute video and set it to the Delorentos song “Home Again.”

What was the purpose? To show Clara “just how amazing life is through my eyes now that I have you. . . Even the ‘boring’ bits,” he told her as they sat down to watch it and he recorded her reactions.

The clips capture the quotidian stuff that somehow adds up to a great life: nights in watching House of Cards; nights out getting pints with friends; time spent with family; walks around Dublin; days at the office; cooking together; trips abroad; and let’s not forget the two absurdly adorable cats.

Towards the end there’s a shot of Gavin browsing the ring inventory at a jewelry shop, and then another of him going into a drawer, pushing aside a pile of sweaters, and carefully taking out a ring box.

...She says yes.

The Delorentos later posted the video on their Facebook page, with a note from Gavin that reads “We weren't originally going to share this, but after thanking the boys in Delorentos for making such an amazing song, they've asked if they can, which we think is really nice! So putting it up here should anybody want to watch.”

Great work all around!