Have you ever considered what the difference is when it comes to dating an English man versus an Irish man? Maybe you’re currently in a dilemma where you don’t know which one to pick?

What Is It Like to Date an Irish Man Compared to an English Man?

Stereotypically, Irish men are rugged and handsome with dark eyes and a thick, make-you-weak-at-the-knees Irish accent. On the other hand, English men are built, classic and good-looking – and not forgetting that they tend to be better groomed than their Irish counterpart. So, when it comes to deciding whether to date an Irish man or English Man, how do you decide? It can be a tough one, but we’ve put together some helpful comparisons to help you make the difficult decision.

Here’s What the Ladies Think…

There are some common stereotypes when it comes to the differences between English and Irish Men. Here are some of those:

  • Women tend to believe that British guys are better looking than Irish guys.
  • British men tend to be less muscly (or thinner) than Irish lads.
  • Both Irish men and women celebrate beauty in all shapes.
  • British guys are generally better groomed and don a better, classier, sense of style compared to Irish Men. However, this can also be deemed as too metrosexual.
  • Irish men have a tendency to wear checkered shirts…or so it would seem.
  • It would seem that compared to the rest of European males, both British and Irish guys fall for flashy girls who are inevitably out of their league.
  • Irish boys tend to be reserved, slightly awkward when they have to talk to girls while British guys can be ‘in-your-face’.

What do you think about these common misconceptions when it comes to Irish vs. English boys?

The Man Fact File – Irish vs. English

Statistically, single Irish men have been involved in around 3.38 serious relationships and dated 5 different women over the last 12 months. This results in an average of 2 casual relationships. English men fare up close with being involved in an average of 4 serious relationships in a lifetime with around 6 casual relations in a year.

It’s estimated that half of Irish men haven’t been involved in a serious relationship in more than three years in comparison to two-thirds of English men.

The preferred venue for pulling for 54% of Irish men is the pub, although 57% intend to go online to find love in the next 12 months. When it comes to English men and their preference to a pulling location, 67% of them prefer the pub with over 80% enjoying online interactions.

How to Meet an Irish Man

If you’re interested in dating an Irish man, you don’t have to trek all the way to the land of the four-leaf clover. Instead, you can sign up to a number of online dating sites that feature a number of hot and rugged Irish men. Additionally, set your dating site profile preferences to the nationality that you would be most interested in.

It may seem stereotypical, but frequented in Irish bars and pubs is a great way to meet a sexy suitor. Alternatively, ask around your group of friends and see if any of them know any potential Irish dates and if so, suggest that they set you up on a blind date.

How to Meet an English Man

Again, online dating is an excellent way to meet an English man; especially since it’s their preferred method of meeting women. Alternatively, English men can be found almost anywhere and are certainly more confident and cocky than their over the water neighbors. Therefore, head out to bars and clubs in your local area to see if you can find that special someone.

Points to Note

There are, however, some important points to note when it comes to dating both English and Irish Men. For a start, both can put away a drink and will drink most other nationalities under the table with ease. This can be great fun, but it can also lead to not so good behavior. So, if you’re one to keep your other half on a tight leash, neither an Irish or English man may be the one for you.

Picking the right ‘type’ of man is important; just because you meet an Irish man who dons a beautiful Irish accent doesn’t mean he’s the one. Find out a little more about a person before you take the plunge. Good luck and happy dating!

* This article was originally published on Flirt.com. “Whether it’s in the form of a mating dance or an acoustic serenade, all dating starts off the same: with a little flirting. For singles who love that light-hearted stage of love.”

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