1. Watch old World War II movies and the History Channel constantly while annoying everyone about the importance of it all.


2. Follow Notre Dame through thick and thin which is like following the Mets, alas, a lesson in futility. Dreams of going to an actual game in South Bend—someday.

3. Tells you we were descended from high kings and princesses in Ireland even though his grandfather was a shopkeeper and his grandmother a maid.

4. You learn to stay clear when football is on those winter Sundays. Cheering for the Jets (see hopeless causes—Notre Dame and Mets) and shouting at the screen mandatory.

5. Talks about going back to the old country but hasn't actually been back since 1992. Never mind there’s always next year.

6. Excuses himself rapidly when there’s more than one woman in the kitchen with your mother; time for female fun and get together.

7. Swears he drank ten pints of Guinness once in his youth, but noting how he now nods off after a few beers you really doubt it.


8. Remembers fondly how great that last week's vacation in Ireland was even though it rained only twice—once for three days and once for four days.

9. Has no clue how to work iPhones and other new fangled devices. Needs family intervention from day one.


10. Says he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day and his birthday but is secretly excited when a fuss is made.


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