America and Ireland are alike in so many ways but here are some of the differences.

We already gave you the advantages Ireland has over US, now here’s the opposite.

I can already hear the U-S-A chants.

We’re professionals in freedom, liberty, and bone crushing tackles.

Coffee in the morning:

Refills, refills, refills. Irish skimp on the coffee front. Maybe that is why hyped Americans work such long hours!

The term bottomless coffee is no laughing matter.

Snow removal:

One inch in Dublin equals 14 inches in New York. Irish just can’t handle it - slip sliding away.

Oh it snowed? Huh.


New York, home of the only authentic bagel. All else are impostors. Have you ever eaten those abominable Irish bagels they put all kinds of filling into?

The bagels are out of this world.


That wonderful, lazy, weekend institution. Nothing similar in Ireland where traditional Sunday dinner is even dying out.

Have too much fun last night? That’s cool. Sleep until noon, have a large helping of eggs, and also seven bloody marys. That’ll help.

Restaurant portions:

Much bigger and better in the good old USA although this maybe why we are all getting so overweight.

A family portion restaurant can have personal meals if you believe in yourself.

The Climate:

America has actual seasons, Ireland has a sunny day.

On bad years Ireland can go from winter to winter. Following that is usually winter.


“If I were you I wouldn’t start from here” type stuff. Also the signposts can confuse the hell out of you.

In America there are many directions, yet in Ireland there is only One Direction. Get it!?

Gas prices:

$3.50 in the US for a gallon. It’s at least $9 a gallon in the old country.


Pooper Scoopers:

Most American cities have laws that you have to. Not so in Ireland we’re afraid to say.

Then again in NYC you sometimes have to hope it’s from a dog.

Using Technology:

Last time I checked it was 2015 and Hotmail was no longer a reputable email service, only the punch line of a joke.

Also, no one is on Myspace anymore either!

*Originally published in February 2014.