Ever wonder what it is like to be insulted in Gaelic? Or just in Irish English?

Try some of these insults out next time you get annoyed with someone. If these work, your husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ cat/ dog will likely throw some of them at you.

A Gobshite:

Image: Photocall Ireland

A loud-mouthed person who talks a lot, but says nothing of any value – as in nonsense coming out of their gob (mouth).

"Shut it, you little gobshite!"

Cute Hoor:

Politicians (pictured: Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern) are often referred to as "Cute Hoors." Image: Photocall Ireland.

Not what it sounds like. This means a sneaky but clever person, and is used usually when referring to politicians.

“He’s a right cute hoor.”

Amadán (pronounced oma-dawn):

Some, like Jedward, are laughing all the way to the bank. Image: Photocall Ireland

An idiot. This is Gaelic for stupid or feckless.

“You are nothing but an amadán.”

Oinseach (pronounced ownshuck):

Image: Photocall Ireland

Female equivalent of an amadán. This one is not as widely used.

Luadraman (pronounced Lew-drom-awn):

Image: Photocall Ireland

A waster, a twit, a slow-thinking fella, often used in a semi-affectionate way.

"He’s a right luadraman."

Póg mo thón:

Image: Photocall Ireland

No translation necessary.


Image: Photocall Ireland

Gaelic for b***ard, a fairly serious insult in Gaelic.

He/She’s away with the fairies:

Image: Photocall Ireland

Meaning they’re out of it, completely detached, no sense talking to them.


Image: Photocall Ireland

A right chancer, usually someone trying to take advantage.

Plámáser (pronounced plam-awser):

Image: Photocall Ireland

From the Gaelic to praise, except used in the context of fake praise in an attempt to get something.

“He’s a right plamaser.”


Image: Photocall Ireland

The same as Gobshite, idiot or fool.