People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) may have found themselves a new spokesman as this little Irish girl’s declaration that she doesn’t want any more animals “chopped” up is melting the world’s hearts. So far her video has close to 19 million views.

Five-year-old Indie-Rose is clearly in distress, faced with a plate of turkey, and through her tears discussing why she’s now a vegetarian with her Dad.

The discussion started when she was asked to help prepare dinner and learned that animals had to die for her dinner to make it to the plate.

This little girl will melt your heart <3

Posted by Best Video You Will Ever See on Friday, July 3, 2015

The poor little pet certainly does make a good argument.

I don't like when people eat animals," Indie-Rose says. "I don't want them to be chopped up."

She then tearfully explains, "I don't want to kill a horsey." When her mother's partner says that they don't eat horse, she sadly responds: "But pigs are nice. And chicks are nice. And cows are nice."

"I don't like when they chop animal-people up," she adds.

Her mother Nicola commented under the video that she “she wasn't pushed into anything no one in my family is a vegitaran [sic]".

Three months on, speaking to the Independent Nicola said, “there’s been very little difference not having meat on her plate. Sure, we don’t eat it as much anymore either because it’s just easy to do one big meal for the family, but that’s ok because we want to respect her choices", but that they have also tried to teach her to respect other people's choices too and not to "be one of those people who tell others they can’t eat meat."