On the heels of Tuesday’s launch of the iPhone 6, 500 million iTunes users all over the world received a gift from Apple: “Songs of Innocence,” the first album in five years from Irish rock legends U2.

Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr. gave a (not entirely) surprise performance at the iPhone 6 launch in Cupertino, CA, where they announced the album’s release with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The New York Times reported that Apple promised a $100 million marketing campaign around the new album.

While many people were delighted with the freebie tunes, others are calling the gift a tad presumptuous.

Here are the reactions of some who were less than thrilled:

Hey, U2, get off my cloud!

To be fair, Bono’s sunglasses aren’t for everyone.

It was not a good surprise for anyone with a phone on the brink of full memory usage.

Many people expressed alarm that the gift wasn’t exactly optional.

That iPhone looks suspiciously like a flip phone, but we’ll allow it.

And others just found it to be a crude move.

Twitter was flooded with calls for advice on how to delete the album, with some fearing it couldn’t be deleted. (It’s going to be OK, you guys, just swipe left on the album title!)

But then again, there were also those for whom it was the Best. Tuesday. Ever.

Anyone who didn’t get the album and is feeling left out can download it for free from iTunes until October 18.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook, the Edge, Bono and Larry Mullins. U2 launch new album on iTunes.Irish Voice.