Now here's something you don't see everyday: a skull-shaped rock whizzing past Earth at mind-boggling speed. 

A comet known as "The Great Pumpkin" is reportedly on its way....right in time for the scariest night of the year. 

Having last made an appearance, fittingly, on October 31st 2015, the comet bears more than a passing resemblance to an eery human skull.

Officially called Asteroid 2015 TB145, it is also known as a 'dead comet' because it lost the majority of its ice and gases after many orbits around the sun.

Scientists are calling this 'dead' comet '‘The Great Pumpkin” asteroid. ☄️

— Dose (@dose) October 3, 2018

According to, it was first discovered by the University of Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS-1 (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) telescope . The creepy comet is believed to measure an astounding 2,050 feet!

Dead comet that will safely zip by Earth on Oct 31 looks eerie like a skull: #HappyHalloween

— NASA (@NASA) October 30, 2015

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Center manager Paul Chodas said, "This time it's not coming close enough to be any larger than a dot of light."

While in 2015, the comet could be seen with a telescope, this time around it is expected to be about 25 million miles away. In other words, you've more chance of seeing a real-life skull this Halloween than one flying through the sky!

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