Ryan Tubridy, host of Ireland's premier talk show the Late Late Show, has gone full throttle with his digital detox - and the journalist revealed it has only served to enhance his life.

The radio and TV personality has said that ditching smartphones is almost like the new giving up smoking.

The 44-year-old initially gave up his phone for February as he attempted a digital detox. It worked, evidently, as he revealed that he hasn't fallen prey to his bad habits again.

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Writing on the RTE website, 'Tubs' said, "So I wasn't going to have no phone at all, that's stupid - that's just not going to happen. But what I thought I could do was go back to ye olde phone instead of the smart phone." 

Enter the humble Nokia 3310, which many of us have fond memories of playing Snake on - not to mention its unrivaled battery life.

While he admits he was tempted to delve back into the land of iPhones, once he started the phone up again it was like "Vegas in [his] hand" with incessant noise and lights flashing.

As a dad-of-two, Tubridy said his back to basics phone swap now makes it easier for him to tell his daughters to have better smartphone etiquette.

"I'm starting to treat phones in the house much like cigarettes were treated once upon a time. In other words, it's rude to smoke in front of somebody without asking permission, it's rude, it's not good for you to smoke that much - if at all - and it's unsociable if you're sitting on the couch and someone light's up," he said.

"I think this is the new lighting up and you're suddenly sitting there talking to a zombie who's disappeared down this rabbit hole and it's just rude and I hate that. "

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